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English-Dutch • German-Dutch

Specialized in translating and editing texts related to technical IT (datacenters, cloud, databases, programming/scripting, software & documentation), marketing, game reviews, and subtitling

Many people believe that anyone can produce good-quality translations. In their opinion, there is a translation for every word, and a word-by-word computer-performed translation really isn't worse than any other text that has been dealt with in the most precise manner. Sure, a computer can find a translation for almost every -generic- word. However, tone, grammar, and context are wholly different topics. And how about specific terminology? For instance, in IT, auto-boxing has nothing to do with fighting; a mirror is not something hanging on your wall; and a host is not someone presenting a talk show. Would Google Translate be able to handle clustered, half spinning disk half flash enabled, performance disk hybrid rack configuration? Maybe in a literal way, but I personally wouldn't be impressed by the outcome.

Every document provided by Haasen Translations is linguistically correct, consistent, stylistically accurate and terminologically exact, but any certified translator will make the same promise. And yes, I own and make use of a wide range of CAT tools and dictionaries. So far nothing new - there's more:

Over the years I have mastered various programming languages, and I gained passive knowledge of many others. As a result, I can separate JavaScript elements from Visual Basic methods and HTML attributes or CSS selectors. I can tell whether specific content is translatable or not, and I wouldn't be put off when encountering a large chunk of code-ridden text. When I see Dim or var, I know that a variable is probably being declared.
Another hot topic these days is cloud, which is down to earth for me. Virtualization, dedupe, virtual machine provisioning, IT-as-a-Service (IaaS), it all sounds familiar.

Combined with my substantial experience in localizing menus, dialogs, Help files, and websites, and adapting content to the local Dutch market, I would be really excited translating that technical document for you. Other fields I work in are generic marketing and tourism, as well as inland navigation. Contact me for a quote today.